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The Development Committee, which serves as a fundraising committee for the UUFH, pursues several objectives that are congruent to the vision, mission, growth and permanence of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington (UUFH.)  Among the initiatives we pursue are to:

  • Explore additional income-producing activities that would enable supplementary utilization of our facilities, with an objective toward optimal use.
  • Identify subject matter and activities that would be appealing to existing members and friends of the Fellowship, attracting potential new members, and making the greater public aware of our presence in the community
  • Establish a process for continually evaluating the ideas being considered, ranking those in order of priority, with recognition of the limits of growth imposed by available physical facilities, financial concerns and estimates of staffing requirements for each activity.
  • Create a system to measure the success for projects that have been undertaken.

Status to-Date

While the committee continues to explore new ideas, in its first year, in addition to supporting the Services Auction, we have also held three successful events.

  • Global Perspective Workshop/Talk entitled “Is Peace Possible? World Politics in the 21st Century” given by Dr. Ann Kelleher, Professor of Political Science, and author of “Global Perspectives: A Handbook for Understanding International Issues.” Approaches to United States foreign policy were examined in terms of peace and justice, international pluralism, realism, and employing the United States as a model for the rest of the world. For each of these were examined with respect to core concepts, goals, use of force, attitude toward the rest of the world, primary purpose of negotiations and paradoxes involved.

The Workshop attracted 49 attendees, of whom 20 were first-time visitors to the Fellowship. Dr. Kelleher also gave the Sunday morning sermon.

  • Keep Pluggin Video Game Event UUFH, in partnership with Keep Pluggin Video, hosted two successful retro video game events. In October, the building was buzzing with vendors selling classic video games for a variety of gaming platforms. A wall full of TV’s kept gamers of all ages busy trying their hand at games which spanned decades. Two arcade games were available for free play adding some extra fun. The highlight of the day was the tournaments held on the big screen in the Fellowship’s main hall. This fundraiser was such a success that we hosted a second one in April. Both events generated publicity in the local papers, including Newsday and The Long Islander, as well as Verizon FiOs, Verizon PushPause, and News 12. Stay tuned for more.

Future Planned Fundraisers

The Development Committee is currently considering other fundraisers, including a Go-Green Symposium and Festival and bringing in other outside speakers. Currently we’re having a T-shirt contest, which includes participation from our youth. And we are pursuing rental activities that can increase revenue while taking advantage of our unique building and grounds. Check back here for upcoming events, and send your ideas to the committee via the office, info@uufh.org.