/Beauty Walk Activity

Beauty Walk Activity

Below is the Beauty Walk activity I shared during my reflection on June 10th. Take a look if you are interested in exploring the beauty hidden in your ordinary surroundings…

Sometimes we can go through life only taking in our surroundings through our windshields or the confines of our schedules. A beauty walk is an opportunity to settle into the world, instead of just moving through it. Set aside as much time as you can for your Beauty Walk, preferably at least an hour. Your Beauty walk can be done on foot, walking around the area, or just with your eyes, slowly moving about the area visually from your seat. Some thoughts to consider before and during:

1. Do a bit of homework about the history of the area. When was it formed are you know it? Who were the original residents? What changes have taken place through the past decades?

2. How do animals experience the area? What can you learn about the place from the plants? How do people relate to the natural world? Where and how do animals live?

3. Take a bag along with you to collect artifacts from your walk – found objects, litter, brochures, community magazines or newsletters, and so forth. You might consider taking along your digital camera to capture scenes.

4. When you get back home, spread your artifacts out on a table and notice what they say. What “story” is being told via the artifacts?

5. Reflect on the walk as a spiritual exercise and as a way of being or approaching the world; to what extent has this beauty walk opened your spirit to the spirit of the area?

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