What it means to be a member

Membership is open to all who find the Fellowship to be a spiritual home.  We ask our members to support the congregation with their time, talent, and treasure.

Giving your time means showing up, participating in Fellowship life and making connections here.

Giving your talent means getting involved in service in the congregation.  It could be making coffee, showing up on a Castle Care Saturday to help with small projects, or serving on a committee or teaching religious education classes. It is up to each member to determine how they will get involved.

Giving your treasure means making a financial pledge to the Fellowship.  We ask our congregants to give generously as they are able, to support our mission and vision with our programs and outreach. A meeting with the minister or a member of the stewardship committee can provide more information on financial giving.  We don’t tell you what to give, but provide some thought to determining what percentage of your income you wish to pledge. We also recognize that everyone is in a different financial place, and value what support one might be able to give.

Am I converting?

Membership in the Fellowship may be your welcome to Unitarian Universalism as a religion.  For some, they feel strongly that this is a conversion.  For others, this is yet another layer added to their beliefs rather than a replacement.  Unitarian Universalism does not require you to give up membership or affiliation with other denominations, nor do we ask you to make statements of belief.  We believe in each person’s responsible search for truth and meaning in their life.  We have several families in the Fellowship who are Unitarian Universalist and Jewish, Catholic, Pagan, Atheist and so on.

How do I know if I am ready to join?

Determining when to join differs from person to person.  We recommend visitors attend regularly for a few months and come to our new member series of classes to learn more about Unitarian Universalism and our Fellowship.  Our minister is available to talk with you about joining if you wish to make an appointment to do so.  When you are ready to join, just let the minister know and he will arrange for you to sign our membership book.  We have new member ceremonies in our worship service about 3 times per year to formally welcome you to the community.