Ten Reasons to Visit the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington

  1. You want to be part of a community that encourages differences and cares for one another.
  2. You care about making the world a better place to live.
  3.  You enjoy services that are engaging and stimulating.
  4. You appreciate a great choir and inspiring music.
  5. You acknowledge the teachings of many religions.
  6. You are interested in a wide variety of youth and adult religious education opportunities.
  7. You nurture children’s enthusiasm, encourage their questions and honor their opinions.
  8. You realize that there are many good paths and you don’t have to travel alone.
  9. You want to be part of a place that will energize you and rekindle your heart and passion.
  10. You want to belong to a spiritual community that cares for each other and will care about you.