During the month of December, the ministerial team asks our Fellowship to consider donating to our Minister’s Discretionary Fund. This fund is sustained only through individual contributions. The Minister’s Discretionary Fund is to provide short-term financial relief for folks experiencing difficult times. To honor recipients’ privacy, all disbursements are at Rev. Jude’s discretion.

While donations can be made at any time during the year, the most significant time for contributions is now! The cold weather months bring not only holiday joy and time with family, but increases in heat bills and other financial pressures that often weigh heaviest on folks who are already struggling. So, in the midst of this season that calls on us to spend time with family and remember the blessings of our lives, I invite you to be present to the needs of your neighbors.  

Donations to the fund can be made via check (address to: UUFH, memo: Min Disc. Fund) and sent to the UUFH office.