It has been four years since UU volunteers built two new raised garden beds in the back of the parking lot next to the existing ground-level garden. What has happened since is a truly impressive demonstration of living our principles: 8 garden beds, a drip irrigation system, a deer fence, a shed, pathways covered in wood chips, all adding up to a Grow-to-Give Garden that supplies kale, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc., to local food banks.

And, this summer, children will have a “taste of the garden” on Sundays when they leave their parents for the adult portion of services. This idea, thanks to Terry Donaldson and Bill Hawkins, started Sunday, June 25, with a tomato salad featuring garden-grown basil.  The children will also help maintain the garden, wonderful learning that instills both essential skills and a life-long preference for fresh, organic food.

Development of the garden has been lead by Beth Feldman with the assistance and generosity of many other Fellowship members. The garden received support from a BOW grant and a donation from Kleet Lumber. Its development was part of an initiative for houses of worship started by the Long Island Community Agriculture Network.