It’s time now for another live performance of the Hickory Bench Playhouse on Saturday April 22 at 7:30 in the Main Hall.  Catch the latest dirt from Gossip Columnist Vida Mae Dixon, along with the latest episodes of the Crime Stoppers Police Blotter and Larry Rottweiler Private Eye.

You’ll also hear great music from singer-songwriter Cathy Kreger, The John Ambrosini Trio with Premik Russell Tubbs on sax and Katie Pearlman on Drums.  Enjoy the performances of Caroline Doctorow and her Band, The Taylor Brothers, Martha Trachtenberg, He-Bird, She-Bird and Cecilia Kirtland. The show also features the Hickory Bench Playhouse Cavalcade of stars including Candice Baranello, Tom Griffith, Jim Pastor and John Tobacco.

Buy tickets at the door for $15 or reserve your spot early for $13 at