Currently, only a handful of UUs are the Main Hall Screen Presentation Committee, or MHSP.  We are the behind-the- scenes folks who prepare Power Point slide presentations each week.

At the end of each month each of us volunteers to prepare the slides for a Sunday during the the next month.

We are eager to share the creative challenge,  the work, and the satisfaction with other UUs who want  to be of use, and to get  more involved in the life of the UUFH .

On April 7 at noon the MHSP invites all interested  UU’s to the main hall for an informal explanation of how the process of creating a PPT each week actually works.  There is no obligation to join the MHSP if you come… and all ages are welcome.

No previous experience with Power Point is necessary.

Hope to see you on April 7th  MHSP : Jim Ammerman, Andy Feigin, Beth Feldman, Catherine Halpern, Ben Testa, Pat Testa