Please read about and consider this special opportunity to write letters through the Vote Forward Team below. If you are unfamiliar with Vote Forward but are interested to learn more about writing letters, check them out at

“We are excited to announce that our first Georgia Runoff letter writing campaigns are live!

That’s right, we will have multiple campaigns for the upcoming Georgia election. We will be writing three different types of letters to three distinct groups of potential voters, in this order:

  1. Voter registration letters: Encourage Georgians to register to vote. Note: these campaigns are now live and are the most urgent of the three, because the registration deadline is December 7th. Please be sure to mail these letters by November 24th at the latest.
  2. Vote by mail and absentee ballot letters: Encourage Georgians who voted by mail or absentee in the general election to request their ballots as soon as possible. These campaigns will be activated as soon as the voters in the voter registration campaigns are all adopted.
  3. Get out the vote letters: Encourage Georgians who are likely to vote in person (either early in person or on election day). These campaigns will be activated once the voters in the ballot request campaign are all adopted.

Each type of campaign will be unlocked once all the letter recipients in the previous type have been adopted. Before you jump in and start writing, please read the descriptions of the letter writing campaigns carefully.

Important: Three ways the Georgia Runoff campaigns are different from The Big Send

  • Focus: Based on consultations with organizations doing work on the ground in Georgia, we believe that it is critically important that our letters for these campaigns not focus on the national stakes. Please do not write about Mitch McConnell, “control of the Senate,” etc. Georgia voters are making a choice about who will represent Georgia, and our messages should respect that.
  • Rolling mail dates: If you write voter registration letters or letters to encourage voters to request and return an absentee ballot, you should mail them as soon as possible. The only letters with a set mail date (like the letters we sent for The Big Send) are the Get Out the Vote letters, which should be mailed on December 7th.
  • Return address: The approach we’re taking for the return address is new and different from what we’ve done in the past. In the spot on the envelope where the return address would go, please write your first name and last initial on the first line, and “Vote Forward” on the second line.

We know that many of you may be especially excited to write letters because of this election’s national political implications and/or the runoff candidates. However, we believe (as we always have) that in a noisy election season, your heartfelt, personal, nonpartisan messages will resonate the most with voters.

You can log in to your Vote Forward account and adopt Georgians to write letters to now.
Visit Georgia Letter Writing Campaign
Thank you for your continued commitment to increasing voter turnout and strengthening our democracy one letter at a time. We appreciate you and all of your hard work. Let’s do this! 🍑


Adam, Chris, Emily, Kaileigh, Matt, Melissa, Sarah, and Scott
(The Vote Forward Team)

P.S. The New York Times published a beautiful story last month telling the story of how a letter from a Vote Forward volunteer motivated a voter in Philadelphia to cast her ballot. Click here to read the story.