Publications/Outreach FAQs

Updated April 2022


This weekly eblast is sent every Thursday around noon and contains information about Sunday services, Fellowship Board business (i.e., annual congregational meetings and forums), Fellowship events, UUFH fundraisers, news and social justice activities. Items are pulled from the website by the Communications Team from the EVENTS CALENDAR and the NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS page. Remember to post your items to the website. The links are below as well as on the home page. Though you can post to the website at any time, the deadline for the item to be included in Thursday’s Flash is still by Monday of that same week by 12 pm.

Special Eblasts

In addition to the weekly Flash, occasionally throughout the year there will be a need for a special email to all members and friends. These tend to be about important matters to the life of the Fellowship that require more explanation and details, like links to documents, that can’t be handled only with announcements during Sunday services or the Flash. These include information about our Services Auction, congregational meetings and forums, and our holiday e-newsletter. To avoid sending out too many emails from the Fellowship (which might then be missed), special eblasts must have the approval of the Communications Team and the Board of Trustees.


Like most organizations, we use Facebook as a social media site to help promote our Sunday services, guest speakers and other events. We also post recorded Sunday services within a few days of the original service to make it more available. It’s not a place to post ads or communicate with other members and friends. The UUFH page is administered by members of the Communications Team and staff. If you want something shared on Facebook, contact the Communications Team.


Committee members and Board members can post Fellowship events to be included in the Flash and posted to the online calendar. However, only events that are taking place in the Fellowship may be posted there. Events that take place off-site or that are run by an outside group with Fellowship member can be posted to News & Announcements instead.

Please note: While the building is closed due to Covid-19 safety precautions, we do have an active virtual presence via Zoom. Just as with building reservations, to ensure that your event doesn’t conflict with other Zoom events, as well as to be able to use the UUFH Zoom account, please check with the office administrator Lauren Noll at

Thoughts & Prayers

When there’s news of a member or friend’s illness or passing, the minister and the Memorial Committee speak with the family members to gather information that they want shared. This is sent in a special email by the Communications Team and is titled “Thoughts & Prayers.” The information can only come from the minister to ensure that it is presented in a caring and respectful way. You can contact the office @

RE News

Once a week the religious education coordinator sends families information about our Religious Education program, which includes details about the weekly lessons, events, and spiritual messages. If you would like to receive it, please contact Danielle Burby at

Bulletin Board (in Social Hall)

Please send completed fliers (or content plus attached jpeg images) directly to Lauren Noll at Fliers or content received by noon on Wednesdays will be posted by that Sunday.

Please note: While the building is closed due to Covid-19 safety precautions, this means of communication is not available.

All Events and News & Announcements can be viewed and posted directly on the website see How To>>.