How to Post to Publications & Website FAQs

Updated June 2022

If at any time you have questions that aren’t answered here about what can be published and where, email the Communications Team at All Event Calendar (The Event Calendar software is temporarily inactive until events are held in the building once again) and News & Announcement submissions will go to the Communications Team for approval before going live.


Committee members and Board members can post Fellowship events to be included in the Flash and posted to the online calendar. However, only events that are taking place in the Fellowship may be posted there. Events that take place off-site or that are run by an outside group with a Fellowship member can be posted to News & Announcements instead. Memorial services and other private events are not posted on the calendar.

If you need to schedule an event at the Fellowship, please check with the office administrator first at or 631-425-9547 to make sure there’s not a conflict with the time and space you hope to utilize.

Please refer to the current GUIDELINES & REOPENING NEWS.

When posting an EVENT to the Calendar: (The Event Calendar software is temporarily inactive until events are held in the building once again)

  • Click on any button or link the reads, POST EVENT. Once on the Calendar page, click on the green button on the upper right side of the calendar that reads POST YOUR EVENT. A short form will pop open (it might take a few moments depending on the speed of your computer).
    You must fill out all the fields that are marked as required.
  • Select a CATEGORY (you can select more than one). If you are not sure, select GENERAL.
  • For VENUE, if the EVENT is at the UUFH, please note the room e.g., UUFH MAIN HALL or UUFH SOCIAL HALL.
  • You DO NOT have to fill in the address if it is at the Fellowship.
  • Zoom link info: Please note: To utilize the UUFH Zoom account for your meeting or event, please check with the office administrator Sandra Yens at
  • If all the required fields are filled out properly, click the SUBMIT button and you will be directed to a THANK YOU page that reads THANK YOU, YOU’RE SUBMISSION WAS SUCCESSFUL.
  • If you haven’t filled all the required fields, you will get a message on the form that highlights the missing fields. Fill in the info and hit SUBMIT again.
  • You can also post an image.

Your submission will go to the Communications Team for approval. When it is approved it will go live on the website. Usually this takes only a few hours.


  • Post your News or Announcement by clicking on any button or text that reads POST NEWS.
  • Fill out the required fields.
  • Upload a photo if you have one (it must be less than 2mb; files that are larger, will not upload) and click SUBMIT.
  • You must fill in your contact information and the CAPTCHA in order for it to go through.
  • You will be redirected to a page that reads, “Thank You. Your post has been successfully submitted.”
  • If this doesn’t occur, you can contact Web coordinator Bridgette Nicolini at or 516-384-3602
  • It will go live once reviewed and approved by the Communications Team.
    NOTE: Web Communications hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm


Committees are encouraged to keep their website pages up to date. Ideally someone on your committee will be responsible for reviewing the page once a fiscal year (preference is in July when committee members tend to change) to make sure it has the most accurate information. But updates can be made at any time of year.

To submit a website update for your committee:

  • Go to: MEMBER’S CORNER > Update a Web Page
  • Fill out the form
  • Select and copy and paste the text from your current website page. Paste into a Word Document, make all your revisions and copy and paste that text into the indicated box on the form.


While all committees are encouraged to keep their UUFH website pages up to date to increase visitor interest, if your committee needs anything other than simple text and photo updates (which you would do through this form, you must contact the Communications team while you’re in the beginning of the planning process. This would include smaller events (like a community movie event) and especially any major fundraising events/projects (like the Pledge Breakfast, the Auction or bigger projects like the Donation section of the website). Involving the Communications Committee in the process early enables them to give you guidance on best practices and a clear timeline of material that is required from you. This will ensure that your committee has the best chances of success and desired results.


The UUFH page is administered by members of the Communications Team and staff. If you want something shared on Facebook, contact the Communications Team.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between an EVENT posting and a NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENT posting?

An EVENT posting is any submission that is date specific and takes place at the Fellowship (it occurs on a specific date and time). That would go on the EVENTS CALENDAR.

A NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENT posting is general information about Sunday services, Fellowship Board business (i.e., congregational meetings and forums), Fellowship events, UUFH fundraisers, news and social justice activities. These don’t have to be date specific and they don’t have to be events that take place at the Fellowship, but they should involve Fellowship members (like fundraisers and social justice work in the area).

There are some items that could be listed to both so keep a copy of your initial post to copy and paste. If you have any questions about this, email Bridgette at

Can you give examples?

An example of an EVENTS CALENDAR submission would be:

  • Opera Night
  • Not Necessarily Seniors event
  • Yoga Class
  • Meditation
  • Services Auction

An example of a NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS submission would be:

  • Split the Plate
  • Volunteers Needed to Make Coffee
  • Food Drive Donations Needed
  • Sunday Service speaker

Who can post to this website?

Members and friends of the UUFH. But note that your listing will be approved and if the Communications Team has any questions, they’ll contact you.

What if I’m not getting the Flash or other e-blasts?

We use the program Constant Contact to create all our special emails. It’s easy to sign up. Just click on the button on our home page that reads: Sign Up for Events & News Once there, you can select what you’d like to receive: General Announcements, the Flash and/or Thoughts & Prayers. If you have already done that, and you’re still not getting the emails, check your spam and/or promotions folders as very often email programs don’t immediately recognize this is something you want to receive. You can reset your inboxes to make sure that anything that comes from the UUFH comes to your inbox.

What if I don’t want to receive emails from the UUFH?

Please note that the Communications Team doesn’t delete anyone’s contact information from the program unless asked. If you do want to stop receiving e-blasts from UUFH, you can unsubscribe very easily yourself by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the most recent email you receive.