Children’s Programs

Sunday Mornings:

Children need to know their value and have a sense of belonging in their religious community.  Expanding Love is our small group ministry for K-2nd graders.  Our goal is to create fun ways for our children to explore our monthly themes.  We use storytelling, discussion, movement, and art in our groups.   We consider it a win on Sundays when the children feel a sense of belonging in the group.  We call our group for this age expanding love because we believe love is the most critical state of being for this age.  We want our children to know they are loved and they belong.


What does it mean to build an identity?  In this group we don’t tell children who to be but rather give them a structure for exploring and expressing themselves.  We focus on UU identity in our lessons but also create a space where all identities are treated with great care.  It is

in this age we begin to think about what it means to live our religious values in the world and treat each person with care and respect.  We consider it a win on Sundays when the children feel they are accepted in who they are and are able to articulate a bit about their own identity; whether it be religious identity or another.