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Parent Resources

We view parents as the primary religious educator of their children and youth.  We know parents know their children best and have specific beliefs and views they wish to articulate to their children in meaningful ways. We also know, we cannot help your child develop a Unitarian Universalist identity through congregational experience alone. At best, we only get to spend 77 a year with your children and youth for religious education and worship.  Religious identity cannot be created in 77 hours.

We strive to empower our parents to be excellent religious educators and to create connections at home to our vibrant Unitarian Universalist faith.  Parents are encouraged to meet regularly with our Director of Religious education to share about their families particular needs and desires for faith development in the home.

Parent Guides are monthly newsletters for families coinciding with our congregation wide theme of the month.  These guides provide information, chalice lightings, book recommendations, and spiritual practices to do as a family. Click on any of the links below to access the guide for that month.