Coming Of Age

Coming of Age helps youth begin their journey from childhood to young adulthood. Working together, youth explore their values and ponder the “big” questions of faith.  They work with each other, the facilitators, and an adult mentor to consider many points of view on these questions. Each youth defines what it means to them to live a “life of faith” as a Unitarian Universalist and shares their commitment with each other and the larger faith community.

Coming of age is a keystone in the development of a youth. It helps them learn how to build community, maintain community, and repair community when needed—in a safe and loving space. This is a rare opportunity for youth.

Coming of age also includes a pilgrimage to Boston to visit the Unitarian Universalist Association headquarters and to learn the deep connections between UU values and the actions of Unitarians as founders of American democracy and leaders in social justice.

We participate in the Coming of Age program as a member congregation of LIAC (Long Island Area Council of Congregations). By participating through LIAC we ensure youth in smaller Long Island congregations will have a quality Coming of Age experience.

Coming of age is open to 7th-9th graders, however it is our recommendation to wait until 8th grade.  If your 7th grader is already asking the big questions, exhibits intellectual and emotional maturity, and is able to follow through with larger commitments then we will approve their application for the program.