Youth Activities

Our youth ministry is a vibrant and active part of life at the Fellowship.  We offer many different programs and activities for our youth both at the congregational level and through participation in district events.

A beloved program, our congregation regularly hears about how the program is changing lives; it sees it as integral to the health of the whole community.

An empowered program, advisers are engaged in ongoing learning and training; maximum parental involvement, and trained volunteers who minister to youth in one-on-one relationships.

A balanced program, our youth grow through worship and UU spiritual identity, youth/adult relations, community building, social action, learning, and leadership.

A welcoming program, it creates and sustains a magnetic culture of friendship where all youth feel wanted, accepted, and connected.  The program also supports parents as they go through their different developmental stages of parenting.

A quality program, events are intelligently crafted and executed to meet annual goals which are monitored and regularly celebrated.

An emotionally healthy program, volunteers are trained in adolescent development and serve primarily as mentors and role models in their interactions with youth.  Boundaries are wide enough for youth to stretch and firm enough to create a safe place for making mistakes and learning.