Youth Night

Youth night is a weekly Wednesday night program for youth 6th-12th grade. This program focuses on spiritual growth, leadership development, and community building.  We bleive that youth are an integral part of our religious community. They offer a tremendous amoung of energy, creativity, passion, and ideas to our congregation.

Our trained youth advisers share leadership with our youth in appropriate ways and help them develop skills in leading activities, welcoming new members, leading worship services, and contributing to the community.

Though we encourage regular attendance for community bonding, youth are welcome to drop in for any Wednesday night they are available.  Youth night is a place for youth to express themselves in a safe and affirming community and deepen their Unitarian Universalist identity.

Youth Night Structure, 6:30 pm-8:30 pm:

 6:30 pm food, homework and hang out.

Youth sign in with an adviser at the door, grab dinner from the kitchen and head upstairs to do their homework.  We provide tutoring and homework help as needed.  If they don’t have homework then they hang out in the adjoining room for conversation.

7:00 pm Ice Breaker

A youth leads an ice breaker each week to welcome everyone into the group whether it is their first time attending or they’ve been there every week.  This promotes bonding and comfort among the grou.

7:15 pm Check-In

Each week we check in describing what our low point and high point of the week has been.

7:30 pm Youth led activity

We have a list of activities for youth to choose from.  These activities have been selected for their appropriateness for the age and size of the group.  Activities promote community building, trust, and demonstrate our Unitarian Universalist values.  It is common for th3eir to be a brief discussion following the activity.

8:00 pm Youth led worship

Worship is an important part of being together as a religious community.  Our youth have an opportunity to work with advisers or the DRE to sharpen their worship facilitation skills.  Each week we worship in the round room upstairs as our closing activity for youth night.

8:30 pm pick up