Shop through the SERRV fair trade catalog filled with beautiful handcrafts and food items. Click on this code: Then Click on “Menu” to see products for the holidays, home, garden, fashion and gifts. Help earn money for UUFH, and help artisans and farmers worldwide.

The fundraiser will be ongoing all year with seasonal catalogs, and this season’s catalog is perfect for holiday gifts! UUFH will receive 20% of your order.

Orders will be delivered directly to the customer, so customers do not need to be UUFH members.  Please share this flyer on any social media you can. Also, if you can, print a flyer and bring it to any local shops that allow you to post (Coffee shops, book stores).

By buying through SERRV, you can help break the cycle of global poverty through fair and ethical trade. Your purchase can empower artisans and farmers worldwide to build better lives for themselves, their children, and their communities.

This code must be used for UUFH to get credit: