On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I’d like to thank the congregation for their unfailing faith in us. The Special Congregational Meeting on Sunday, May 17th went as smoothly as possible and the final roll call revealed a 63 member unanimous vote in favor of the Board’s proposal.

I’d also like to thank Anne Monnier and Pam Monnier for painstakingly making sure we had an accurate member list to work with, Ann Scolnick for also helping put that together and for making sure those who do not have computers received instructions on how to call into the meeting, and, of course, our wonderful Administrator, Susie Byrnes, for helping to make it all happen.

And once again, a special thank you to Board members Debbie Hocevar, Jean Marra, Karen Mazzotta, and Peter Montemurro for being so gracious and willing to extend their terms for an extra 3 months.

Yesterday, I neglected to mention the names of the 4 nominated Board members who will be joining us to meet with us, but not officially serve on the Board until such time as they are actually voted into their roles by the congregation. They are: Terry Donaldson (VP), Gerard Neber (Treasurer), Jason D’Orazio (Trustee), and Bill Hecker (Trustee). Their input will be invaluable as we move forward in these uncertain months to come.

In Faith and Fellowship,

Nikki Willard, UUFH President – for the Board of Trustees