UUFH Introducing More Opportunities for Spiritual Practice: Journey Groups

Plus: A New Monthly Journal, Touchstones

In the months to come, we will focus on growing more opportunities for the discipline of spiritual practices. As you know, we already have vibrant groups that meet for meditation and yoga throughout the week. We will also continue to offer small group ministry (what we call Journey Groups). We will be growing more such circles after September where a group of 6-10 people can come together monthly to reflect on the content of our services – to share, to go deeper, to be nurtured in community. If you’re interested and have experience facilitating such reflection groups, please email Greta Jo Seidohl soon at We will need several folks to help make this a reality. She will be taking over preparing those sessions and facilitators this year.

At the end of every month, starting with September, we’ll be sending out a journal called Touchstones. This will be focused on the theme of the month, rather than the events of the week, and it will include a short teaser for the Journey Groups for all to see.  Touchstones’ September theme is vocation that goes far beyond occupation. A good way to think about it, Frederick Buechner suggests, is the intersection between your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger. Please check out Touchstones here ( and consider making this commitment to more spirituality in your life.