The Stewardship Committee offers hearty thanks to all members and friends who have submitted pledges for this coming year. About 75% of the anticipated UUFH pledges have been made and the remaining 25% are needed ASAP in order for the Finance Committee to prepare a realistic proposed budget for the Congregation.

This is a different year because of the new tax changes and a variety of other issues.  Some of you may be waiting to see how these changes affect your budget or you may have other obligations.  We understand this.  If you find that you cannot make a pledge at this time, please contact Rev. Jude or Sue McGovern.  Please be in touch so we know how you are doing and how we may be able to help.

The Board and Stewardship Committee appreciate your past generosity of time, talents and financial support.  If you haven’t made your pledge for next year, please reach out to us so we have a clear idea of our resources.  The Finance Committee started preparation of the upcoming budget this week.

Thank you again for your help completing this year’s pledge drive.  Please see Jude or Sue McGovern after the service if you have questions.