On Wednesday, September 26, 2018, the Fellowship was the subject of three glorious statements of our values and history that were delivered by Liza Burby, Nikki Willard and our ministerial intern, Greta Jo Seidohl.  Their statements were part of the Huntington Public Library’s ongoing program that the Library has been running to inform residents about Huntington’s Houses of Worship.  With photographs presented with the skilled help of Harvey Balopole, Liza, Nikki and Greta shared highlights from our religious journeys at UUFH, including our ministerial history, social justice activities, building history and, of course, the spiritual values and goals that undergird our Unitarian Universalist faith.  Liza, Nikki, Greta and Harvey did us all proud.  Their excellent presentations gave all of us who were assembled in the Huntington Library a sense of pride in our faith and in our individual history at UUFH.  Thank you, thank you Liza, Nikki, Greta and Harvey for an outstanding, heartwarming evening and for your excellent presentation.

–Mary Jane Wochinger