Pumpkin Patch


We are so grateful for the help of the many volunteers we’ve had at the Patch this season. You helped to make this year’s Pumpkin Patch a huge success. We are especially thankful to our top 4 sellers with an average age of 72, working 4, 5, 7 and 7 shifts: Jan Brenner, Anne Monnier, Susan Peters and Leslie Speed. Our Pumpkin Prince, Jason D’Orazio continued this year with his full participation in sales, tent construction/dismantling and lugging equipment between the Fellowship and American Legion. This year, we would also like to “crown” Lily D’Orazio as our Pumpkin Princess after countless hours spent decorating, selling, lugging and helping us with the tent. Welcome to our Royal Family, Princess Lily! 

We would also like to thank Jim Monnier and the BOT for their support. It should be noted that our Pumpkin Patch has contributed to the following causes through donations, reduced prices and employment.:

  • The Navajo Nation of New Mexico
  • The American Legion 
  • Helping Hand Rescue Mission 
  • Rural Migrant Ministry 
  • The LI Farmworkers Cooperative 
  • Huntington Historical Society 
  • Meadowbrook Hounds Pony Club
  • Numerous teachers and Scout leaders 

It has been so gratifying to all of us to be part of this wonderful fundraiser again this year. The Community now looks forward to our opening each year and welcomes us warmly. As one of our top sellers has put it, “Working at the Patch connects me to the value of community. I love working for a good cause, sharing with UU friends, meeting new people and watching the  smiles and joy that kids and families find at the Patch.” We are optimistic that those who couldn’t volunteer this year will be able to join the fun in 2022. 

In Fellowship and Pumpkins,
The Pumpkin Queens Amy Olander, Debbie Cohen and Peggy Koulias