Mission, Vision, Covenant

The Fellowship’s Mission Statement
The Fellowship’s Mission Statement

In religious community, we nurture our individual
spirits through caring for one another and helping to heal the world.

UUFH Vision Statement
UUFH Vision Statement
We will be a congregation that …
  • sustains the growth and diversity of our spiritual home;
  • integrates newcomers into the life of the Fellowship;
  • promotes intergenerational religious exploration;
  • creates a robust and effective communication network;
  • commits to capital improvements of our buildings and grounds so that they are accessible and better serve our Mission;
  • is a visible force for social justice in the Huntington community and the world;
  • builds bridges with people of different faiths and ethnicities, joining forces for the common good.
UUFH Congregational Covenant
UUFH Congregational Covenant

Our Fellowship thrives in an atmosphere of trust, respect and cooperation.
As members and friends of this congregation, we covenant to:

  • Accept responsibility for our individual acts.
  • Communicate with kindness, support and sensitivity.
  • Allow for vibrant discussion in which we actively listen and clarify what we hear.
  • Cultivate a respect for different perspectives and opinions.
  • Acknowledge human fallibility.
  • Act in good faith and assume good intentions.
  • Show respect, gratitude and appreciation.
  • Respect confidentiality in our interactions with other congregants and as appropriate in participation in Fellowship committees and activities.
  • Participate and serve with compassion and commitment.