Social Justice

Living Our Values
Living Our Values

Seven days a week, UUFH members and friends live their faith aloud. Whether in community with others or as individuals, we know that active, tangible expressions of love, justice, and peace make a difference. UUFH is called to make a positive difference in our wider community, state, country, and world.

In 1957, the Fellowship organized its first Social Justice Committee, presenting a public program to the local community, “Why Substandard Housing?” The Fellowship and its members began their focus on a variety of social justice issues: affordable housing, desegregation, the Vietnam War, and reproductive rights. Members demonstrated for civil rights both in Huntington and Selma, Alabama, signed anti-segregation petitions, sponsored the Freedom School, and joined the Congress for Racial Equality.  In addition to these issues of peace and poverty, the UUFH has taken a strong, pro-active stand on environmental and LGBTQ+ concerns, including a leadership role on marriage equality.  Today, the Social Justice Committee is committed to integrating the 8th Principle into all our programing: working to dismantle racism and other oppressions at our congregation and in the larger community.

The congregation provides the UUFH building for meetings and community-based activities such as Community Supported Agriculture, PFLAG, Alcoholics Anonymous, and the Long Island Gay Pride Chorus.

There are a variety of ways you and your family can get involved in the larger community as a member of the UUFH. Please contact the chair of the Social Justice Committee to become involved.