Religious Education

What to expect from our Sunday programming:

During this unusual time, our Religious Education program continues to adapt to the changing needs of our families by offering new virtual programming in addition to weekly Religious Education curricula over Zoom at 11:20 immediately following Sunday service. For safety purposes and privacy for our children and youth, we do not make the Zoom link to Religious Education public so please subscribe to our weekly newsletter or email Danielle, our religious educator, at for the Zoom invitation if you are interested in participating.
On Sundays, we currently offer weekly programming for preschool through fifth grade. Our middle and high schoolers are meeting bi-weekly. In addition, each week, we ask a family to light the chalice during the virtual service as a way to keep our community connected to one another.
At UUFH, our religious education program creates a sacred space where children and youth explore, wonder, and ask questions surrounded by a beloved community of peers, teachers, and mentors. Our work is to give our children and youth a sense of belonging, the knowledge that they are enough just the way they are, and a place in congregational life. Religious Education is a combination of connection, educational opportunities, service, and justice-making. On any given Sunday, our children are engaged in one of these activities. RE is a partnership between our staff, volunteer teachers, and the family.
For the most up-to-date information about our current programming and curricula, please see the programming tab.