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10:30 am Sunday Service “Swing for the Fe... @ Main Hall
Sunday Service “Swing for the Fe... @ Main Hall
Jul 3 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Sunday Service "Swing for the Fences" @ Main Hall
We’re raised to always do our best. But what happens when our best isn’t good enough? How do we continue to have faith in our faith tradition when it doesn’t provide us all the answers? How do we make sense of a world where swinging for the fences sometimes lands us with a pop-fly instead[...]

We are people of all ages, people of many backgrounds, and people of many beliefs. We create spirituality and community beyond boundaries, working for more justice and more love in our own lives and in the world. Unitarian Universalism affirms and promotes Seven Principles, grounded in the humanistic teachings of the world’s religions. Our spirituality is unbounded, drawing from scripture and science, nature and philosophy, personal experience and ancient tradition as described in our Six Sources.